marketings blind spot

Marketing’s Blind Spot

Customer lifetime value is the total worth to a business of a customer over the whole period of their relationship. It’s an important metric as it costs less to keep existing customers […]

note from paul - constant learning

Constant Learning

Exponential advances in technology have been changing the societal landscape for awhile now. Entire industries are being redefined and millions of jobs are impacted in the face of these disruptive forces. Trends […]

Marketers Need a Robust Skill Set

86% say a lack of resources and capabilities impairs the performance of their team. The top deficiencies include:   44% Customer journey, acquisition, and conversion 42% Segmentation and personal-sized messaging scale 37% […]

Owning Growth

Marketing leaders are responsible for almost half of their company’s overall revenue. Two-thirds of marketing leaders say the pressure to deliver on revenue goals is very high or extreme. Revenue growth is […]

High Impact

High Impact

Preston Herrin, Founder and Managing Director of Management Consulting firm HCG Inc.Preston says today’s marketers can learn from the movie sequel “Top Gun Maverick”. Herrin believes that “Top Gun Maverick” delivers what […]

7 Steps to Competitive Advantage

Page 11 in Milkshake’s July 2022 issue features effective tips companies can use to gain competitive advantage in their marketplace.  Step One- Employee Alignment Tasks carried out by personnel should match their […]