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North America’s FIRST Certified Carbon Balanced Printer! 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been certified as the 1st Carbon Balanced Printer in North America. The press release is shared below.

This is a mission that is important to us and to our CEO, Paul Hudson. It’s part of our LOOP program that you have seen us mention before. Environmental Stewardship is something we expect of ourselves.

Learn more about why this is important to us and what this means to our customers and their opportunity to be part of this program.

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Spark an Adventure Receives National Honors

Spark an Adventure Receives National Honors!

October was a good month. Our marketing piece “Spark An Adventure” brought home national honors.

It is an awesome piece if we do say so ourselves. If you’d like a copy let us know. We need the usual stuff (name & address).

So cool.

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Carbon Neutral Paper Products, Is it Possible - Hudson printing

Carbon Neutral Paper Products, Is it Possible?

Did you know that paper and paper products can be carbon neutral? Thanks to Paper Excellence for shining a light on the option for our customers to align your sustainability objectives with forest management, carbon reduction and environmental responsibility goals.

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Innovator of the Year Award 2022

Hudson Printing continues to innovate and search for solutions that will best serve its clients. Hudson acknowledges that to stay top-of-mind in its customer’s eyes, it needs to continuously evolve, something the 100+-year-old company seems to be excelling at.

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Open House 2022 Posters continue to impress with quality, brilliance & sustainability!

Ashley Roberts from Printing Impressions featured our Open House posters on her App Spotlight program last month. What she loved about them most, aside from the brilliant photography, was the use of our 7-color printer, our experimentation of the press, and our efforts for sustainability (we donated the posters to local conservation organizations!). Thanks Ashley!

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Who are the movers and shakers of the print industry?

Leading Market Research Firm: Skyquest Technology has announced the release of its latest report on Print Equipment Market. It provides an in-depth analysis of the drivers, restraints, market dynamics, trends, opportunities and challenges, and competitive landscape that are expected to shape its future growth trajectory. Interestingly, Hudson Printing tops the list. Read the news feature here.

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NanoNews interviews Paul AND Hudson is featured in the Landa 2022 – Year In Review

Landa’s NanoNews interviewed Paul Hudson last year and featured this interview in their Year In Review featured newsletter last month. In this interview, Paul discusses why he invested in a 2nd Landa press and some of the benefits that our customers can expect from this cutting edge technology. Our favorite quote:

 “one of the exciting things about this technology is the ability to bring products to market that just haven’t been possible before.”

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Customer Driven Focus On Technology

Beautiful images on beautiful paper – this is what our customers want. TRUST – this is what our customers expect.” This interview features Paul Hudson sharing his ethos about people in business including technology, reputation, leadership, customer feedback, and more.

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Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Paul Hudson

In his latest video interview with Warren Werbitt, our very own Paul Hudson speaks about Hudson Printing, its 110 year history and the extraordinary strides we’ve made in digital technology and the digital printing world. 

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Hudson Printing Acquires Second Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press

Hudson Printing Acquires Second Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press

“Print is becoming more connected and more personal,” he says. “The S10P catalyzes print’s role in Web 4.0, when we will continue the process of connecting the world’s smart devices directly to our capabilities.”

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Hudson Printing Showcases Landa S10P During Open House, Announces Second S10P Installation

Hudson Printing Showcases Landa S10P During Open House, Announces Second S10P Installation

Paul Hudson, CEO of Hudson Printing, explained that the company does a large amount of personalization printing, an area in which the Landa press has proven to be a success.

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Hudson Printing Becomes the First Company in the World to Add a Second Landa S10P, Expanding Their Digital Print Toolbox

Paul Hudson explains his transition through a variety of digital and analog technologies to strenghthen and grow his business offerings. His recent purchase of a secnd Landa S10P digital B1 press rounds it out.

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