Magazine Printing for local, regional and national magazine publishers. Traditional Heatset and Digital web printing.

Saddle Stitched Magazines

Fast and affordable, saddle stitching is the first choice for publishers who need to keep costs down, but still produce a beautiful publication. And while perfect binding is seen as a premium alternative, nothing is easier to read than a well printed, staple-bound magazine.

Perfect Bound Magazines

Perfect Binding is the go-to choice for premium magazines. And with the ability to adhesive bind even the thinnest of magazines, you’re free to choose perfect binding regardless of your page count or paper weight.

Magazine Mailing & Distribution

With millions of magazines mailed every year, and millions more distributed through alternatives channels, Hudson Printing can help you get your magazines to wherever your customers are – fast and affordably.

Magazine Publishing Services

We’ve been helping magazine publishers tackle their biggest challenges for more than 50 years. Call us for help with whatever is holding you back today!


World Class Catalog Printing, Binding and Distribution Services for more than 50 years!

hudson magazine printing

Offset Printed Catalogs

Offset Printing is best suited to producing runs from several hundred catalogs, up to a million or two. With four offset presses, we have the capabilities, and capacity to produce your next catalog to your specifications and on your schedule.

Digitally Printed Catalogs

Digital Printing is a wonderful process for producing short runs of traditional catalogs in quantities from One Catalog up to a few thousand. And for even higher volumes when the unique capabilities of digital printing are leveraged to create additional value from your catalog. It’s common to use a digitally printed catalog for special promotions, addressing small but valuable market segments, making special offers to individual customers and customer organizations, and for catalogs with rapidly-changing information or prices. Digital printing can also help you to sell deeper and wider in existing segments and customer groups.

Hybrid Catalog Production

Hybrid Production is the combination of offset and digital printing into a single catalog. This blended approach can enable you to capture maximum value from each of these very different processes, enabling you to address unique market segments with a publication specifically tailored to the value proposition you offer to each.


Printing for Book Publishers – through all the crazy changes – for more than 100 Years

Paperback Books

Massive in-house perfect binding capacity, on two Heidelberg PUR binders.

Hardcase Books

With local and national case-binding partners, we can produce almost any book in quantities from 1 to 1 Million.

Specialty Bindings

We love book binding. We can help you with any traditional binding, or help you create a custom solutions for your unique project.

Mockups & Prototypes

When you just need ONE book but it’s got to be exactly right, Hudson Printing can help. With Indigo digital printing and PUR binding or jobs as small as one book we’re your total solution.


Marketing collateral and print materials for time-starved marketers.

Synchronized Print Collateral

Print can help you to maximize the impact of everything you do.

Brand Control with Leverage

Our  branded, online ordering portals give your sales, marketing and management teams the printed collateral they need, when they need it, without compromising your brand standards or company image.
Central control and local availability. Beautiful and conforming materials are readily available. Closing the loop with your digital and mass media branding efforts.

Collateral Integration

We can help you to integrate print materials with every other physical aspect of marketing your brand. We manage inventory & fulfillment programs, and integrate with outside fulfillment and logistics providers. So whether we print it or not, we can help you pull it all together and get it where it’s going – on time, every time.

Product Development

If it has ink on it, we can help you make it work better. Whether it’s developing a single kit cover that’s adaptable enough to replace four obsolete versions, or creating a new wrap for the refresh of your agent on-boarding package, Hudson Printing has the experts to help you create a great solution.

Printing for Exhibitors and Organizers

Printing for Exhibitors and Organizers of conventions and shows in Salt Lake City – and beyond.

Print Like You’re Still At Home

Trade shows and conventions can be a lot of fun – for the attendees. But if you’re an Exhibitor at a large event – or an organizer of one – it’s a lot of hard work. Some of that gets even harder when you’re on the road. Take Printing for example. Back home your favorite printer is a quick call away. If you’ve got a great rep, she will drop what she’s doing and run over to see you right now.

That’s what you’ll get when you call Hudson Printing. Someone who understands the challenges of print inside and out. Who will drop what they are doing to come see you – at the show, or your hotel, or anywhere in between.

The Salt Palace Convention Center

Hudson Printing is a short 5-minute cab ride from the Salt Palace Convention center. Stop on over for help with any printing challenge. Or call us, and well meet you at your hotel or at the show.

Digital Solutions

Our HP Indigo presses offer the quality you expect from high-end offset printing, on the widest range of papers and synthetic substrates.

Complimented by HP wide format printing for banners, signs and other BIG print.

Printing 24 / 7 / 363

Yes, we close the shop for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But every other day of the year you’ll find us printing beautiful work for customers from coast to coast.