HPC January Milkshake


Sometimes it seems like the days of wonder have passed us by. It is not far fetched to think that our imagination is buried under a constant barrage of TikTok videos and […]

note from paul dec 2022

A Good Time

General Motors, Procter & Gamble, and Camel cigarettes all came to prominence around 1935. In 1929, however, they were either unknown or lagging brands. What they shared in common was the way […]

note from paul - constant learning

Constant Learning

Exponential advances in technology have been changing the societal landscape for awhile now. Entire industries are being redefined and millions of jobs are impacted in the face of these disruptive forces. Trends […]

Committing to More

Committing to More

The last couple of years could certainly be deemed difficult on many levels, but they do offer us some lessons on how to move forward. The culture that can emerge can be […]

the choice is yours

The Choice is Yours

In a climate of instant access, it’s getting harder to determine where and what should get our attention. With more responsibilities in our lives, we all feel an ever-increasing pressure to do […]

two for the price of one

Two for the Price of One

It is amazing how productive we all are these days. Because we have eliminated the morning commute, business trips, and most of our in-person meetings, we have more time to produce. In […]