Reincarnated - the Future of Print

Reincarnated – The Future of Print

Founder and CEO of Tantrum Agency, David Tann stated that “At some point. Whatever it is you are working on, it is going to come in the mail. That’s the moment where print comes alive”. Page 7 of our July 2022 Milkshake issues zeroes in on the importance and relevance of print in today’s society.

Tann thinks that one of the essential components for engaging with today’s increasingly congested scene is print. Industry thought leaders such as Daniel Dejan agree that digital is excellent. It happens instantly. It is universal. However, digital only appeals to the senses of sight and hearing. Everything is stimulated by print.

He also thinks that the “print is dead” movement has been engaging in widespread diversion. Print is alive today. And it continues to make a difference.