New Marketing and Sales Strategies for the Post-COVID Landscape

What will the “new normal” look like? While we don’t know for certain, B2B marketers will need to be at the top of their game. SageFrog recently published their “2021 B2B Marketing Mix Report,” and showed what strategies marketers planned to use going forward: 46% Account-Based Marketing 41% Video Marketing 38% Influencer Marketing 38% Artificial […]

If You Dream It, You Can Build It

There is a saying that if you can dream it, you can build it. This applies to marketing as well. The goal is to take a business consulting approach to client partnerships, allowing marketing professionals to understand the internal abilities, processes, and guidelines of the company to help them better engage with their audiences. The […]

Protecting Your Business With Marketing

The business world has changed significantly, it is important for companies to protect themselves using marketing. If you want to protect your business and marketing, you need to focus on the goals your client wants. “Marketing firms need to stop selling the same cookie-cutter approach and focus on providing holistic business solutions.” –  Milkshake by […]

Keep the Conversation Going

If companies want to develop strong relationships with their customers, they need to find ways to keep the conversation going. Businesses have a few ways to do this: First, businesses always need to let the customer speak and talk about their problems and desires.  Companies need to empathize with their consumers and validate their feelings.  […]

A Case Study on Quality

One of the most famous Ford mottos is “Quality is Job 1.” The motto focuses on the intent of the motor company to build vehicles that last a long time and require minimal repairs. Unfortunately, there was a lengthy list of problems related to Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs. Now, Ford was stuck trying to […]

Criticizing Disruption

Everyone seems to be focused on innovation. What is the next big thing? How can we leverage our products and services to disrupt the status quo?  Perhaps this unhealthy focus on the next big thing is what’s wrong with the current economy. That is what Russell and Vinsel, authors of “The Innovative Delusion,” have to […]

The Importance of Serving Your Target Community.

Recently, MMI Agency partnered with Olay to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. The goal was to listen to the community that the brand wants to serve to figure out how to improve their overall quality of life. The campaign generated an overwhelmingly positive response from the broad community, helping Olay build valuable […]

Dialog is the cornerstone of everything.

Looking to build a stronger connection with your customers? You can’t do this in isolation. Connection starts with conversation! It builds a sense of community among your customers, your staff members, and your business. “People want to know that the brands they are investing in share similar values and viewpoints as their own.” – Milkshake […]