Head on a swivel a note from paul

Head on a Swivel: A Note From Paul

Head on a swivel a note from paulJust like a person who chooses to use Chat GPT and shortcut their way to success, poor-performing brands look for a quick buck. History is riddled with stories of people trying to take an easy path to victory only to fall short. With a short term mindset, enrichment becomes elusive.

The pandemic forced everyone to eliminate long-term planning. Most businesses couldn’t plan for a week, let alone for a year. But as we move forward, there is a return to longer-term vision and effort. Companies are starting to dream a bit more and are focused on the customers they serve, rather than simple survivability.

Another compelling trend seems to be the increasing role of marketing for most businesses. With an obvious decrease in face-to-face interaction, brands must find new ways to develop a relationship with the community. Combined with a world of digital disruption and changing consumer expectations, marketers are no longer seen as the “sales support” department, but rather as a strategic partner in driving business growth.note from paul

The best-performing companies have always reserved a seat at the big table for marketing. At their core, they understand that marketing is becoming increasingly customer-centric, with a greater emphasis on building deeper relationships with consumers. They also know that marketing is the key to long-term success.

There is no shortcut to success. It requires thoughtfulness and a commitment to serve. The best brands have pulled out a chair for marketing because it leads the way in developing innovative strategies that focus on building brand equity and driving customer loyalty. This is our time, and not for some bot that will never understand the client like a marketing-minded person.

As you read through this edition, take pride in the fact that real people were interviewed, and the stories were inspired by insights from top-level marketers. Our cover story, “Head on a Swivel,” notes that competition is fiercer than ever and highlights the importance of competitive intelligence.

In our second feature, “The Missing Link,” we dive into the disconnect between sales and marketing and why it is so critical to marketing; but with the way customers have cocooned themselves, it is time to ensure that both roles are aligned, which is more important than ever. And our Q&A talks about the impact that AI is having on marketing.

All in all, marketing has a seat at the table, and the plate is full.

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Paul Hudson

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