Short handed

Success During a Labor Shortage: Increase Productivity With Fewer People

Short handedThe labor market has seen a number of major challenges during the past few years, and companies are searching for ways to do more with less. Ray Sheehan, the founder of Old City Media, had to make major changes during the pandemic to continue to succeed.

According to Sheehan, “Coming out of the pandemic, it has been challenging fulfilling those roles with all the talent shortages out there.” He went on to add that hiring talented temp workers can help businesses fill vacancies. He says this is a great way to hire experts for a trial period before deciding to bring them on full-time. It helped his business save a lot of money not only on wages but also insurance. Short Handed 2

Today, Sheehan and Old City Media have found success by engaging in strategic relationships and fostering stronger relationships with vendors. He views having a full-time, in-house staff as a luxury, not as a necessity, and he has seen firsthand how important it is to outsource day-to-day tasks. He also knows how important it is to bring an outside perspective to a changing business landscape. 

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