High Impact

High Impact

Preston Herrin, Founder and Managing Director of Management Consulting firm HCG Inc.Preston says today’s marketers can learn from the movie sequel “Top Gun Maverick”. Herrin believes that “Top Gun Maverick” delivers what happens when sheer anticipation combines with the undeniable reality of invaluable customer experience. 

On page 2 of our July 2022 Milkshake issue, we focus on how brands can use authenticity, continuity and agility to promote memorable customer experiences. 

Brands must do a foundational and unbiased assessment of their authenticity, continuity, and agility in order to give customers a high-touch experience


The most important quality is authenticity, which Herrin claims is born of company culture. Filling your customer-facing company with individuals who value candid feedback from peers, customers, and leadership helps promote the development of an organization that reaps the rewards of innovation.


All the systems and procedures, including external communications, that express how important the client is to the firm are knit together through continuity.


The process of perceiving and absorbing change is known as agility. Moving the organization from a metrics collector to an analytics outcome predictor, in Herrin’s opinion, is an essential component of this stage.