the choice is yours

The Choice is Yours

In a climate of instant access, it’s getting harder to determine where and what should get our attention. With more responsibilities in our lives, we all feel an ever-increasing pressure to do more. We feel the stress of garnering new clients and full-scale customers as quickly as possible. With the constant pull of yet another message to be returned, meeting or email, everybody feels overworked. And in a world where everyone is vying for our time, we tend to allow others to dictate what is critically important. A marketer’s work is not about getting more things done. It’s about getting the right things done. It is about making the wisest possible investment of our time in order to operate at the highest point of contribution for our brand.

The choice where we invest effort is ours. And the right place to use time for marketers is always where trust needs to be built. Our prospective customers know that we are biased and that we have a vested interest in influencing them to purchase. That creates skepticism around what we say about our products or our services. Marketers, however, need to embrace skepticism. If we are going to succeed in a cynical and skeptical world, we must never forget that where trust goes, money flows.

We must be intentional about building trust into our marketing system. So it makes sense that the choices we make include spending more time going deeper with clients and creating ambassadors for our brands. We all know that it costs much less to maintain clients than it does to acquire clients. More importantly, though, in order to deliver true value, we need to go overboard with our current clients. The choices you make with your time may seem overwhelming. Going deeper with our current communities is the right choice because good marketing is rooted in those around us becoming better as a result of their interaction with us, our team and our company. The choice is yours. Enjoy the latest issue. We hope you choose to read it cover to cover. The main feature, “Brand Disloyalty,” is a great reminder of why your current customers matter most. And our second feature, “Following the Herd,” reminds us that it takes courage and creativity to step out and do things differently. 

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