Brand Disloyalty

brand disloyalty

Page 4 of the April 2022 issue of Milkshake is targeted at brand disloyalty and how brands can overcome this problem. Using new strategies to discover why customers leave will lead brands to a clearer understanding and significant growth potential. A primary reason customers leave a brand is due to broken trust. Brands must always seek out ways to build and maintain bonding relationships.

 It is crucial for brands to put the needs of the customers before the needs of the corporation. Giving the customer what they want, providing engaging, valuable information for them, and understanding the context in which you are reaching them is important.

Founding partner of Questus, Jeff Rosenblum, states that “ customer loyalty can be tracked most effectively through purchase data ”. Most successful companies are those who can track a small handful of KPIs and pay keen attention to the deltas.

Following these tips on brand disloyalty will guarantee improved customer retention. Thanks for stopping by, subscribe to our magazine for more helpful tips to enhance your business.