8 Design Trends for 2022

From postcards to signage to web design, change is here. See what trends Venngage Inc. says will be the latest and greatest this year:

Inclusive Visuals
Diversity, equity and inclusion is redefining how brands approach representation in their marketing strategies.

Fun Data Visualizations
Easy-to-read infographics, charts and graphs will continue to be the preferred way to share complex data.

Bold Backgrounds
Bright and colorful backgrounds, paired with lighter text, marks a shift from the previous years’ muted palettes.

Serif Fonts
Stylish and classic fonts made a comeback in 2021 and are here to stay.

Colorful Icons and Illustrations
Vibrant images on bold backgrounds create an eye-catching and engaging contrast.

Branded Memes
Make a meme your own for a light-hearted way to engage clients.

Words aimed to educate, rather than blindly inspire, are trending.

Social Screencaps
Sharing screenshots of tweets is a great way to share information across platforms.

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