How Competitive Recon Can Help You

How Competitive Recon Can Help You

How Competitive Recon Can Help You

The strategy for competitive recon is simple and effective. Check out page 7 of our February 2022 issue of Milkshake as we explore how you can use competitive recon to your advantage.

When practicing competitive recon, once you determine your ideal customer, you must investigate how your competition is pursuing them. This entails researching how your competition advertises itself.

Conducting this kind of research will help you understand your competition, what it is good at, help you to target gaps in their strategies, and figure out ways you can use this to your advantage in future marketing efforts.

In today’s crowded market space where everyone is bombarded with notifications, it is easy for your brand to get drowned out by the noise. The Fast Company blogger and founder of DBI International, David Brier believes it is vital for you to be in the know of what your brand is competing against. 

Design/ Build Sales and Marketing Consultant at the Harvest Group, Judd Griggs, stated “It is better to be ahead of the curve and look for unique ways to improve your customer’s position in the marketplace in order to stay ahead of the competition.” (HudsonPrinting, 2022)

Knowing when, how, and where your rivals’ next move is will be critical to remaining in the game during this time of constant change.

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