Master Competitive Recon with these Steps

Master Competitive Recon with these Steps

Master Competitive Recon with these StepsCompetitive recon requires you to observe your ideal customer and conduct research on how your competitor is pursuing them. Our February 2022 issue of Milkshake details the best 7-step process to competitive recon bliss on page 9. Here’s a brief overview:

Step One: Research how top competitors position themselves in front of the target market.

Step Two: Research the state of the industry and zones of PR control.

Step Three: Research the knowledge third-party credibility channels have about the company.

Step Four: Determine optimal public opinion awareness of the company.

Step Five:  Determine algorithm needed for PR and Marketing to change peoples’ views toward the company.

Step Six:  Determine third-party credibility channels and key influencers required to reach target audience.

Step Seven: Determine content needed to convince channels and influencers to carry messaging to the company’s target audience.

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