your 5-step plan to personalizing your messaging

5 Simple Steps to Personalizing your Messaging

your 5-step plan to personalizing your messagingPersonalization requires that you start simple and build on the complexity of your program. Building a robust personalized experience for users means determining your goals with personalization and the data required to make it happen. Page 6 of our February 2022 issue of Milkshake explores a 5-step plan to personalize your messaging you didn’t know you needed.

Here’s a brief rundown of each step:

Step One:

Identify your goal and purpose of personalization

Step Two:

Ensure you have the data required or know how you will collect data

Step Three: 

Introduce personalization into your messaging 

Step Four:

Measure for changes, adjust and re-measure

Step Five:

Repeat with another personalization data point.

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