Personalization: Building a Relationship with the Community

Personalization: Building a Relationship with the Community

Personalization: Building a Relationship with the CommunityAffectionate Segmentation and personalization is an extremely effective way of building and maintaining a positive relationship with your community. Page 4 in our February 2022 issue of Milkshake expertly dives into all you need to know about affectionate segmentation and the personalization of your business.

Matthew Vernhout Vice President of Deliverability for marketing company Netcore Cloud, believes that a brand should exercise a sense of balance when building and maintaining a relationship with its community. He claims that one of the most effective ways to do so is by creating a positive bond with the marketplace.

Vernhout claims that this bond can be achieved through the right blend of personalization. With years of experience in the industry, he understands the importance of building affectionate segmentation by delivering messages that are relevant to the community.

CMO and Managing Partner at Rhythm Communications, Amy Woodward Parrish stated “Personalization matters more today than ever, it allows for big picture messaging to be communicated and reinforced in the market and large and then tailored to make the messaging personal to one’s needs/wants.” (HudsonPrinting, 2022).

Below is a 5-step plan that will help you build that positive bond with the marketplace with personalization:

Step One: Identify your objectives. Outline your purpose for personalization

Step Two: How will you obtain the data required?

Step Three: Start to introduce personalization into your messaging

Step Four: Ensure you measure for changes

Step Five: Repeat with a different personalization data point

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