How can brands reinvigorate trust?

Riding a major wave generated by people purchasing home workout equipment, Peloton was ready to expand beyond exercise bikes and decided to release treadmills.

Then, the devastating news came in. A child had suffered a serious head injury. Peloton knew it needed to act quickly. The company quickly sent out a safety reminder, letting people know how they could avoid injuries with the exercise equipment. The company also contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to let them know what had happened. Fortunately, the child should make a full recovery.

“While people increasingly believe that organizations need to be held accountable for their decisions, they are also increasingly wary that they will follow through on their social commitments.” – Milkshake by Hudson Printing, July 2021 Edition

That is exactly what Peloton did. With more than 1.67 Peloton members and a retention rate of 92 percent, it is obvious that customers believe that Peloton followed through on its social commitments. A few key points to keep in mind include:

  • Be open and honest with customers about all incidents that happen.
  • Make an effort to communicate quickly and clearly to let customers know what actions are taken.
  • Explain what will prevent future incidents from occurring.

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