How to Personally Connect with your Customers

While business in today’s world continues to remain focused on efficiency and production, it is still important to personally connect with the customer. In order to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction, connecting with the customer on an emotional level is the key. If the customer feels emotionally invested and connected with the business and the product, they are more likely to feel satisfied with the work.

Why is an Emotional Connection with the Audience Important?

There are a couple of specific reasons why connecting with the customer on an emotional level is important. These include:
  • Understanding the Customer’s Needs: Without an emotional connection with the customer, it will be difficult to truly understand what the customer needs or desires. By connecting with the customer on an emotional level, you are better able to gain insight into the client’s needs. For example, understanding what the consumer needs on an emotional level may allow you to produce effective marketing to connect and that reflects the customer’s personality, passion, and desires in a way that their readers will appreciate.
  • Build Trust and Confidence: When you establish an emotional connection with the consumer, a sense of mutual trust between both parties is established. This means that each party may reveal details to each other that they would typically keep to themselves. With these details, you will be better positioned to produce a book/magazine or other marketing material that accurately and intimately communicates the message that your client desires.
  • Establishing Loyalty with the Business: With so many competitors out there, it is easy for customers to float between companies; however, if you are able to connect with the customer on an emotional level, you will establish an increased level of loyalty over your competitors. This will keep the customer coming back to the business for all future purchases. An example that we help our customers with is the opportunity to personalize a printed catalog or magazine. This, ideally, increases the sense of loyalty we have with our own customers. How can you personalize your products and marketing for this same purpose?

How can a Business Make an Emotional Connection with the Customer?

With the knowledge that an emotional connection is important, how can a business build this important bridge with the customer? Some important pieces of advice include:
  • Engage Your Customer Outside of the Wallet: One of the biggest mistakes that a business can make is to interact with the customer only when making a transaction. Customers need to feel like they matter. Using campaigns such as catalogsdirect mail and social media can be instrumental to connect with your customer outside of the store. Make your client feel like they’re family. Use these platforms to share information about your new products and promotions.
  • Use Personal Language: It can be easy to create flashy posts that only advertise sales and prices; however, it is easier to connect by using personal language. Customizing your marketing tools with variable content (i.e. inserting first names and other personal details into content) is an extremely effective tool for connecting with your reader. Other options include sharing stories that make the consumer experience personal in your marketing materials, blog, social media, et al. Collect case studies and testimonials from clients about how much they loved their product or service from your company. Then, share these stories for everyone to enjoy.
  • Listen to Every Customer: Once personalized lines of communication have been established, it is important to listen. Consumers may reply to certain online posts or send the company emails. Make sure that your customer feels like they are being heard and reply to client questions or concerns quickly. If the customer feels like they are being heard, they will open up to you emotionally, which presents an opportunity to connect and engage on a deeper level. This will lead to improved customer satisfaction.
These are only a few of the many ways that a company can connect with their customers emotionally. Make sure to employ these in the future to establish that all-important connection. Without this connection, customer satisfaction will be impossible.
Lastly, we would like to share an example of “personally connecting” with you. In May, we partnered with HP Print to showcase the power of “variable printing” in action. “When more than 100,000 people across North America uploaded their photos and hand-written Mother’s Day wishes to their moms, they were trusting mobile app company Inkly and Hudson to take their personal photos and hand-written message, process it, print their unique card, and deliver it on time. They trusted us to deliver. And we did.”

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