Criticizing Disruption

Everyone seems to be focused on innovation. What is the next big thing? How can we leverage our products and services to disrupt the status quo? 

Perhaps this unhealthy focus on the next big thing is what’s wrong with the current economy. That is what Russell and Vinsel, authors of “The Innovative Delusion,” have to say. Shiny new objects have gotten the attention of just about everyone, and this has led to problems with brand maintenance. 

“There’s an unhealthy obsession with disruption that has been cultivated by the champions of innovation and that obsession deserves some criticism.” – Milkshake by Hudson Printing, September 2021 Edition

In the book, the authors state that if people are spending all of their time focusing on finding the “next big thing,” they aren’t spending enough resources taking care of everything right in front of them. This has led to major issues across medicine, technology, business, and more. It is fine to focus on advancement, but it is just as important to focus on maintaining processes that have already proven effective. That will set industries up for success moving forward. 

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