Soft Touch Finishes Create Memorable, Elegant Results

soft-touch-finishes-create-memorable-elegant-results-gudson-printingCreating a printed piece that stands out and lingers a little longer in the hands of your customer is critical for making a lasting impact. Now, with a variety of unique varnishes, coatings and finishes, you can choose how your piece will feel, as well as look. Soft Touch finishes from Hudson Printing can provide a memorable tactile experience to any printed product.  

Soft Touch Finishes for Every Project

Soft Touch finishes, applied either as lamination or a coating, creates a smooth, velvet-like feel. Unlike glossy finishes that are slick and shiny, Soft Touch finishes have a fingerprint-resistant matte texture with almost no sheen. The end result is a unique feel that draws touch and engagement, without compromising the design or print.

The Soft Touch effect can be achieved in two ways—either as a Soft Touch coating or a Soft Touch laminate film. Soft Touch coatings are applied in liquid form, usually as an inline process, after the printing ink has been applied. The coating then dries with the velvet-like texture. As well as adding a luxurious look and feel, Soft Touch coating is also eco-friendly as it can be easily recycled.  

While the Soft Touch coating mutes darker colors, it does not yellow over time. Soft Touch coating provides an attractive and practical option for print products that will be handled often, such as business cards, book covers, postcards, invitations, brochures, catalogs, and presentation folders.

Another finish option is Soft Touch laminate, which is a textured matte plastic film that is bonded on top of the printing. The laminate finish provides a more consistent texture and makes the piece feel heavier and more firm. The distinct, low-luster surface of this special laminate provides the soft feel while adding scratch-resistant durability, making it the ideal finish for solid-color prints, matte packaging solutions, or other print products that are susceptible to scratches.  

To determine which finish best suits your needs and budget, Hudson Printing reps will work closely with you to ensure your project achieves stunning results.  

Soft Touch for High Impact

The unique quality of Soft Touch allows it to have a powerful impact, even when used sparingly. For example, we often use Soft Touch on magazine or catalog covers to resist fingerprints and provide an upscale, contemporary feel. Many of our customers also use Soft Touch on only one page of a brochure or booklet to provide a unique, unexpected focus area. Here at Hudson, we use Soft Touch on the backside of our business cards. Our experts can suggest ways to incorporate Soft Touch on your next project to elevate your piece and add a sophisticated touch.