mystery matters

Mystery Matters: A Note From Paul

mystery matters

The spirit of marketing is under attack, but great brand owners understand that their mission starts with the community they serve. They know that engaging directly with other people will never go out of style. Technology after technology and tool after tool can be invented, but human beings need connection. 

The greatest brands in the world have a relationship that matters much more than the vehicles of communication. While AI is the latest widget that has threatened to destroy our jobs and disintermediate marketing, the only thing that truly matters is the relationship with the market. AI may be a fine tool to use, but it cannot replace the interaction that takes place between people.

We have always believed that there is nothing better than having a direct conversation with someone else. In order to have a conversation, you must listen intently. Contrary to digital pundits, AI cannot listen like you. It cannot feel and, therefore, cannot build depth to a relationship. Due to the relentless inundation of technology, digital communication, and artificial intelligence, it seems appropriate to provide a reminder that it still comes down to relationships.

By all means, if the tools are available to help you organize or craft a business plan or even eliminate some tedious work, take it. But don’t think for a minute that a robot is ever going to understand how to connect with others. Collectively as marketers, we are committed to building relationships, maintaining those relationships, and trumpeting the benefits of those real connections going forward. The spirit of marketing lives on!

Our cover story, “Mystery Matters,” taps into the spirit of marketing by discussing how creating a little mystery and curiosity in our brands can go a long way. And our second feature, “Community Build,” continues the theme by detailing why the haptic nature of print still matters and how it is a tool that can truly capture the spirit of marketing.

Enjoy and warmest regards,

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