Harmonizing Sales and Marketing

Harmonizing Sales and Marketing: Bridging the Gap for Growth


Harmonizing Sales and Marketing

A Gartner Sales Practice study underlines the disconnect between sales and marketing efforts, finding that 75% of B2B buyers prefer a rep-free experience while also regretting purchases through digital channels alone. 

Dave Dabbah, CMO of Robocorp, proposes the solution lies in defining clear lines between sales and marketing. A common error companies commit is the lack of understanding of their product-market fit, which he likens to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. 

Measuring the gap between sales and marketing is essential, necessitating a shared understanding of set goals and metrics. For example, at his previous company, a weekly team evaluation of qualified leads (QSLs) ensured their accuracy. Aligning sales and marketing teams facilitates effective communication and sets the stage for growth at scale. Dabbah underscores the importance of transparent communication using real-time platforms like Slack or Teams. 

Additionally, Qualified’s VP of Demand Generation, Sarah McConnell, suggests full integration of sales and marketing teams, emphasizing shared structures, systems, processes, rewards, and metrics. 

Bridging the gap ensures efficient revenue generation and an optimized growth trajectory. Learn more about The Missing Link in this month’s edition of Milkshake, by Hudson Printing.

“Identifying and measuring the gap between sales and marketing is critical to building a successful and long-lasting business because closing it can significantly increase revenue.” – Dave Dabbah, CMO of Robocorp