Flexibility is everything

The Importance of Flexibility in the Modern World Cannot Be Overstated

Flexibility is everythingCHSGa, a major healthcare provider in Georgia, has seen significant success in its digital and print marketing efforts, but the biggest success comes when both strategies work in concert with one another. Kelly Laughlin, the VP of Communications for CHSGa, stated that both work well because they lend themselves to the different audiences that CHSGa seeks to attract.

Laughlin stated, “It’s important to reach an audience in several different ways. We use billboards, brochures, direct mail pieces, and flyers. We also implement a campaign on social media, email, and on our websites.” 

One of the keys to success is the flexibility to choose which strategy works and to know what audience you are trying to reach. While digital marketing, with its litany of tools for measurements and adjustments, is effective, print marketing will never disappear. Instead, the way in which we use print marketing to drive success is changing.

Today, it is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing success. Instead, flexibility, and the ability to adjust a campaign to match the needs of the target audience, is critical. Learn more about the importance of flexibility in marketing in “Flexibility Is Everything,” by Hudson Printing.