Mixing it up

How To Successfully Integrate Print and Digital Campaigns To Drive Success

Mixing it upToday, the most successful marketing campaigns will include both print and digital elements in an effort to more effectively connect with the target audience. According to Mike Flanagan, the Founder and President of ETW Digital, “Audiences are consuming more media channels every day. Brands gain trust and credibility with consistency across all media platforms.”Mixing it up 2

For example, ETW Digital effectively orchestrated a marketing campaign for walk-in tub installation. Walk-in tubs are becoming more popular with senior citizens, as they make it easier for them to get in and out of the tub while reducing the risk of slipping and falling. ETW Digital sent direct mail to senior citizens, which included a call to action (CTA) to call the carrier. At the same time, ETW Digital targeted the children of those senior citizens with a paid search and display campaign that led them to a landing page with a CTA there.

Using complementary media and cross-promotion, it is possible to use a multifaceted marketing strategy to target various demographics to achieve the same result. Today, businesses must develop a consistent brand image, use complementary media, and cross-promote campaigns on multiple platforms using a consistent brand voice. Learn more about this campaign in the article ”Mixing It Up”, by Hudson Printing.