Committing to More

Committing to More

The last couple of years could certainly be deemed difficult on many levels, but they do offer us some lessons on how to move forward. The culture that can emerge can be one that  encourages people to think humbly of themselves and start to fulfill the deeper needs of the people who matter most.


We believe that people always come first. In turn, our entire company is built on building trusting relationships, serving others, and finding a better version of ourselves together. So, while it may sound a little virtuous, we think that character matters more than ever. We believe that organizations have a responsibility to foster meaningful purpose, rather than the successes that exist only on the surface. 

As you endeavor to achieve your marketing ambitions, we can’t help but think that part of the recipe of your success will be the joy that comes from the support you provide your clients. And while we are all immersed in a hyper-individualistic world, true connection is what is missing. So, when you can forego self in the servitude of others, you are truly living the dream. 

Many of us are focused on doing everything ourselves. We suffer from the “if you want something done, do it yourself” syndrome. However, humility is truly central to the journey and can lead to wisdom and a level of freedom to achieve that meaning that we all covet. 

A self-centered attitude results in part of us going unexplored. The anxiety that we feel is born from lacking purpose and direction. Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to implement a constant commitment to integrity and connection that can withstand any setback and set you up

for an enriching new phase. 

Our latest issue is dedicated to our mutual desire to find a deeper connection and purpose to our actions. In our cover story, “High Impact,” we share why the customer experience is born from real connection. Print is a remarkable vehicle to demonstrate that commitment and re-establish the connections we want. In our second feature, “Reincarnated,” we detail what we believe is the future of print and its intimate qualities. 

We hope this issue hits home and helps you foster deeper connections with your community.

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