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Haptic Marketing is the Way Forward

In the words of the president of Taktiful Marketing, Kevin Abergel “The sense of touch is an essential part of human interaction, and by recreating it through Haptic technology, we can bridge the gap that has been created by our increasingly digital lives”. Page 3 of our May 2022 issue of Milkshake entitled ‘I Write in Cursive’ highlights the efficacy of haptic marketing.

Taktiful Marketing is an organization whose specialty lies in giving professional advice to printers, brands and manufacturers on how to master touch marketing. 

The innate desire to touch and connect is what unites us together as humans. Abergel applied this philosophy to sales. He pointed out what a potential customer’s thumbs were doing as they looked at a printed sample he would show them. 

They were unknowingly “petting” the print. He would share with them  The statistics behind the science of touch, its impact on perceived ownership and affective response, and how effective of a sales tool it could be for them and their customers.

Haptic marketing can be used to generate enthusiasm or a sense of urgency surrounding products or services. Marketers can generate a “buzz” that motivates customers to act by exciting the tactile sense.

A study conducted by RetailDive proved that once consumers visit stores to see or touch a product before purchasing, the impulse purchase probabilities skyrocket by 62%. Haptic marketing has proven to be most effective and more organizations should adopt this tactic.

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