Buyers Say

How to Gain Increased Trust of a New Technology Product

Page 9 of the May 2022 issue of Milkshake ‘I Write in Cursive’  highlights the resources that relate to the increased trust of a new technology product. Here are the resources ranked from the highest to lowest percentage:

  • Professional peer reviews:51% 
  • Vendor experience: 45% 
  • Other users: 33% 
  • Case study: 31% 
  • Analyst report: 30% 
  • Friend/family reviews and recommendations: 30%
  • Consultant: 25% 
  • Blogs/forums/discussion boards: 21% 
  • Company mandate: 14% 
  • Agency: 9%
  • Advertisement: 6%
  • Promotion: 6% 
  • None of the above: 10%

Interestingly, professional peer reviews, especially from colleagues and thought leaders top the list of resources your business can use to increase trust of a new product. For more insight into increasing customer trust subscribe to our magazine.