Hudson Printing Acquires Second Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press







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Hudson Printing Acquires Second Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press

Salt Lake City, USA and Rehovot, Israel (May 5, 2022): Hudson Printing, the Salt Lake City printing company renowned for world-class print reproduction of the highest quality; and Landa Digital Printing, which liberates printers from barriers inherent to traditional digital and conventional analog printing, today announced that Hudson has acquired a second Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press, six months after the first S10P moved into production at the site.

Says Paul Hudson, CEO, “The first S10P gave us both increased productivity and expanded capacity. Now we have room to grow. With the market demanding more every day, a second S10P is imperative.”

High Productivity

With unlimited digital variability on each page and from sheet to sheet, as well as very high speed, the first S10P at Hudson began moving through work very rapidly. “A million impressions of a highly personalized long run that would have taken many shifts on other presses…was knocked out in a few hours by the S10P,” Hudson says.

At the same time, Hudson Printing’s brand promise: to provide ‘beautiful, printed work; delivered on time; with no surprises’, remains unblemished. Says Hudson, “Now, with the S10P, I can say we are producing work that’s more beautiful than ever – with different images and data from page to page — and we’re more on time than ever.”

Although his initial idea had been to start moving work to the Landa S10P, and over time begin exploring new products that take advantage of the press’ unique capabilities, Paul Hudson’s plan was changed as the press started handling more of the operation’s workload. “The press was so effective at producing the long run variable data work, that we changed our strategy to emphasize and attract more of this type of work,” said Hudson. “The second press will allow us to pursue our vision introducing products that only this technology can produce.”

For Hudson Printing, the Nanography® Investment is Strategic

Hudson, a conservative futurist, says that Hudson Printing’s investment in Nanography technology takes the company where it wants to go, strategically.
“Print is becoming more connected and more personal,” he says. “The S10P catalyzes print’s role in Web 4.0, when we will continue the process of connecting the world’s smart devices directly to our capabilities.”

Hudson says that when the next S10P is installed, it will provide redundancy, capacity, and the opportunity to explore new product opportunities.

“I believe that print remains an excellent “experience” delivery mechanism, because it’s beautiful and physical and, therefore, emotional,” Hudson says. “More and more, what it’s delivering will be individualized and will be the launching point for even more personal digital interactions.”

Working with Landa Printing

“Importantly, we’ve also had an extremely positive experience with Landa as a company,” Hudson says. “They’ve done everything they promised, and more. It gives me confidence in the direction that Landa is taking the industry, and it lines up with our strategic direction.”

Gil Oron, Landa Digital Printing CEO, says that Landa is, generally, in awe of Hudson Printing. “Watching Paul’s operation take flight with the S10P couldn’t make us prouder. You know, every customer shows us something new, and different, about print and even about our Nanographic Printing presses. Hudson is one of these. It is a visionary organization, operating in both the present and the future.

“Landa is honored to be part of Hudson Printing’s journey.”

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press in double-sided B1 (41”) format utilizes the Nanography process for unprecedented advantage, including reproduction of up to 96% of Pantone colors when using 7 colors, 6,500 sheets per hour speed, compatibility with all off-the-shelf substrates, robust data/print solutions, digital printing solutions, and easy integration with workflows and other upstream and downstream systems.


About Hudson Printing
Hudson Printing was founded in 1909 and is one of the world’s most trusted commercial printing companies. The company is wholly owned by CEO Paul Hudson, a second-generation leader. Operations are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The plant includes web offset and digital printing.

Hudson Printing is internationally recognized for innovation and quality in print production, web-to-print solutions, data-driven print fulfillment, and ecommerce. Industries served include but are not limited to, education, real estate, travel and tourism, photo products, health and wellness, and retail. For more details visit the Hudson Printing website.

About Landa Digital Printing
Landa Digital Printing™ liberates printers from barriers inherent to traditional digital and conventional analog printing. Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses produce stunning images of unbeatable color range, of any run length, on any coated or uncoated paper, and in the fastest turnaround times, thanks to its unique Nanography® technology. Landa Digital Printing is owned by its majority shareholder, Benny Landa; and ALTANA and SKion, both wholly owned by German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten. If you want to learn more about Landa Digital Printing check out their website.

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