following the herd

Following the Herd

following the herdAccording to Brad Kugler, founder and CEO of DirectMail 2.0, “there’s lots of competition and change, so you have to do something not only different, but effective to stand out”. Page 8 in our April 2022 issue of Milkshake focuses on following the herd and why leaders must have the courage to step outside of the box and go against the grain.

Remaining within the figurative box implies that your brand is confined by boundaries. Removing your brand from the box can result in transformational outcomes and profound growth.

Reshma A. Shah, associate professor at Emory University, believes that your brand can present a competitive advantage by implying that it’s advantage is valuable, rare, non-imitable and sustainable. 

Be bold, let your brand represent something different, but also make sure it is effective. We’re excited for you to stop by next time to learn more about how you can make your brand stand out in a sea of competition. 

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