Hudson Printing Welcomes the Addition of a New Landa S10P Printing Press

At Hudson Printing, we have long been a standard-bearer in the world of commercial printing. Recently, we purchased a new Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press to better meet the needs of our customers and clients. While the installation of this novel printer is still in progress, we look forward to using the printer to better meet the needs of our commercial clients, and made the announcement in several press release articles!

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press Is a Game Changer

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press represents state-of-the-art printing technology in the industry. It uses nanography processes to create an unparalleled print quality. It can also produce prints blistering speed of 6,500 copies in a single hour!

According to CEO Paul Hudson, in Ink World Magazine, “We have some large direct mail jobs that can take dozens to even hundreds of hours on digital presses, but when you move over to the Landa you not only have a much larger sheet size with B1 (41”); you also have much faster production speeds and coating inline.”

Furthermore, the Landa S10P Printing Press is compatible with countless substrates and digital printing solutions. The printer easily integrates with countless systems both downstream and upstream. 

Why We Chose To Make the Move Now

While we have a variety of printing presses available to meet the need of our clients, we are always looking for ways to improve, which is why we decided to make the move and invest in this new printer.

 According to CEO Paul Hudson in Printing Impressions, “The S10P checked all of our boxes. We needed the speed, the B1 format, and the best color available. Over time it became clear that Landa’s advantages are better by orders of magnitude.”

For these reasons, we decided to purchase this new printer and make it available to our clients.

The Future Role of the Landa S10P Printing Press

We have long had a variety of digital and offset printing presses, and we will continue to use them, as stated in What They Think, “While a stable of offset and digital presses will continue to produce Hudson Printing’s general commercial, magazine, catalog, book printing and burgeoning direct mail business materials, Hudson and his team expect to migrate work from both press types to the Landa S10P.”

Our new novel printer is the ideal device to take some of the workload off of the other printers while handling specialized projects. The Landa can handle a much larger sheet size, allowing us to handle larger prints quickly while improving the quality of each run as well.

Hudson Printing Continues To Be the Standard Bearer in the Industry

Even though the printing industry has changed significantly during the past few years, our dedication to our clients has not wavered. This is reflected in our decision to purchase one of the top printers in our industry to better meet the needs of our clients. We look forward to putting this printer to work!