Marketing Drives Change in the Business World

The business world is changing quickly, and marketing leaders are going to play a significant role in the evolution of the field moving forward. For example, there is a lot of concern that brands have become too antiseptic. What this means is that many companies are indistinguishable from their competitors, making it difficult for customers to figure out where and how they want to spend their money.

Recently, CEOs from some of the biggest brands shared what they are doing to position themselves and their brands for some of the changes in the business field.

AmyK Hutchins, the Founder of AmyK International, stated that, “Brands have a difficult decision of whether they use their voice to have a point of view and whether they worry about if that point of view aligns with the customers’ or not.”

Today, we are living in a period of time with extreme cultural divisiveness. A lot of companies are trying to align their brands with these short-term trends, but they risk alienating a significant segment of the population that might not come back to them when these trends fade away.

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