Brand Management Best Practices: Using Print for Brand Control in Direct Selling & Franchises

Struggling to Maintain Brand Control

A brand is the lifeblood of a company. More than a logo or a tagline, a strong brand increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. Controlling a brand is difficult for any business, but for the direct selling industry and franchise businesses, brand control can be even more challenging than other business models.

Hudson Printing Showcasing Best Practices in Brand Management at the 2017 DSA Annual Conference

Unlike retailers that sell merchandise in stores or directly to the consumer, direct selling companies rely on its distributors to sell products and represent its brand. Unfortunately, misguided or false claims from distributors can put your business at risk. Corporate franchise businesses rely on proper implementation of approved marketing materials to enable operators to be successful.

By supplying distributors and franchise operators with an easy way to access approved marketing materials, corporate headquarters can better maintain brand control while giving distributors and operators the autonomy they value.

Controlled Print Solutions Help Control Brands

While controlling everything is impossible, Hudson Printing offers online portal solutions that individual representatives and store operators can use to order pre-approved marketing materials to help control the message and brand. The web to print portal lets distributors and operators pick and choose pre-approved marketing materials to print and use. This system helps ensure logo and style consistency, and perhaps most importantly, helps guide the use of approved messages and claims.

Hudson’s web to print portals for direct selling, franchises, and other businesses have the added benefit of allowing each distributor and operator to personalize marketing materials with their individual contact information or other variable data such as store address, hours, and unique events. Bottomline: Hudson portals provide professional marketing materials to help reps and operators succeed with their businesses.

Proven Brand Management Best Practices Using Print 

Hudson Printing has worked with top direct selling companies and franchises, providing them with world-class marketing materials to help grow their businesses. High-quality printed materials that customers can touch, feel and interact with offer the potential to deliver the story of your business in a very powerful and effective way. Contact us at Hudson Printing to learn more about how we’ve helped other direct selling companies and franchises with web to print portals, and the production of high-quality catalogues, magazines and other printed marketing collateral.