when the going gets tough great brands invest

When The Going Gets Tough, Great Brands Invest

According to the The Marketing Practice’s annual B2B Marketing Effectiveness Barometer, there is a significant difference between leading B2B marketers and all the rest. Marketing Leaders, as defined by the survey of 800 people, adapt to the recent economic forecasts of stagflation and recession with investment.


“We have increased our marketing budgets because now is a good time to win market share” 

B2B marketing leaders sense opportunity: They ranked 14% higher than the rest of B2B marketers when it comes to increasing marketing budgets. This underlines the importance of continuing to reach out to your customers, even though the temptation is there to cut back in the face of economic pressures.

Furthermore, leaders are also 18% more likely to ‘accelerate the time to get products/services to market where they can help our customers respond to the recession.’

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