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hudson printing the nudge

On Page 3 of Hudson Printing’s new February 2023 issue of Milkshake we learn about why influencer marketing matters. 

Co-founder of Get Hyped, Dan Coughlin states that of all the decisions in any influencer marketing campaign, the most critical is selecting your partner. He highly recommends starting with your customers as they “have the potential to be your most effective influencers because they are already using and loving your products.”

While working in the military, Dan’s wife, Kristina, was an influencer on Instagram. They both saw where struggling brands needed help to efficiently execute their marketing goals.

Today, Get Hyped is a successful marketing agency that has amassed over 100 million organic impressions and 10 million social media engagements for clients.

Coughlin shares that the most promising influencer marketing campaigns are those that include influencers who are excellent content creators. Content is essentially what captures and holds the target audience’s attention.

Tracking various social metrics including impressions will also allow you to gain insight from your campaign like, which niches of influencers performed the best.