chain reactions

Chain Reactions

chain reactions

On page 6 of “The Nudge”, the February 2023 issue of Milkshake, we share great ideas for marketing supply with our article “Chain Reactions”.

According to Co-Founder of Muscle Lab, Andy Treys, “Communication is very important, but communicating with an actual person is even more important. People want to feel like they are talking to someone and not a bot”. In-person events, for example, are great traditional channels marketers can use to promote their brands.

Marketers are also advised to find the perfect balance between online and offline marketing efforts. Any successful campaign involves proper preparation, defining your target audience, defining competitive distinction and choosing messaging that will resonate with them.

An integral aspect of supply chain management is pinpointing the right resources and accountability. Once these are made clear, execution of the campaign can begin, and this starts with communication. Brian Fitzpatrick, Founder and CEO of Qredible states that “by ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the can increase the chances of success and build stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders”.