Hudson Printing Receives 100,000 Personalized Mother’s Day Card Orders From Mobile Phones; Processes, Prints & Mails Each in Time for the May 14 Holiday

MAY 12, 2017 — SALT LAKE CITY — Hudson Printing, a G7 Master Printer and one of the most trusted commercial printers in North America, announced it successfully received, printed, and mailed more than 100,000 individually unique Mother’s Day card orders to be delivered to Moms across North America in time for the May 14 Sunday holiday. As part of a Mother’s Day promotion launched May 2, mobile app company Inkly and Hudson Printing teamed up to offer customers free Mother’s Day cards, which are completely customizable with personal photos and hand-written messages.

As part of the promotion, Inkly received more than 100,000 individual and personalized Mother’s Day card orders from mobile devices. Hudson Printing downloaded each order, including high-resolution photos, hand-written notes, and addresses, and ensured each card was printed, cut, folded, sealed, and mailed in time for Mother’s Day.

“This is an exciting and unique customer program, where we have not only rapidly completed a large print and direct mail order – but this job represents another level of complexity where each piece is completely unique and personalized,” said Paul Hudson, Hudson Printing CEO. “It felt great to flex our digital printing muscle. Especially when the stakes were so high.”

Inkly has worked with Hudson Printing to print and fulfill its customer orders for personalized greeting card and postcard orders for some time. Hudson’s digital printing capabilities, now branded as Hudson Digital, provides unique capability for creating high-quality printed pieces using variable data, and fast turn-around time. Hudson Digital represents best-in-breed IT infrastructure, pre-press and print operational software (including HP’s PrintOS with Site Flow), multiple state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital presses (including an HP Indigo 10000 digital press that was used for the Mother’s Day promotion), finishing, and mailing technologies.

“We knew the promotion would drive a spike in Inkly orders, originally estimating around 30,000 individual orders,” said Lee Hawkins, Inkly Co-founder. “Inkly was thrilled as orders surpassed 100,000 – or 70,000 more than original estimates – but we always trusted that Hudson Printing could handle the larger volume order, while maintaining the quality standards our customers expect.”

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