Digital Printing Delivers Quality & Speed; When Digital Print is the Right Fit

Today’s printing needs are diverse. While one company might require 500,000 catalogues, another may need only 500 postcards. Both jobs are important and both need the right technology to deliver the highest-quality products for the best price.

With more customers requiring short-run print jobs, faster delivery, and variable print data, we began investing in Digital Print technology in 2012. The demand has grown so much that we recently named a new company division: Hudson Digital. As demand grows, so has Hudson’s investment as we recently adding two state-of-the-art HP Indigo Digital Presses, securing Hudson as the largest and most capable printer (offset and digital print) in the region.

Demand for Digital Printing Accelerates

By creating Hudson Digital, we are well-prepared to meet the future needs of the printing industry. In fact, the demand for digital printing is predicted to grow in most print sectors across the world. According to The Future of Digital vs Offset Printing to 2022, a new report by Smithers Pira, a market research firm based in England that covers print and packaging, digital printing in 2017 accounts for 16.2% of the global print market value – an increase of more than 14% since 2012. The report also predicts that by 2022, digital printing will account for 19.1% of the global print market value.


When Digital Printing is Best

While digital printing isn’t ideal for every situation, such as volumes more than 2,000 printed pieces, it can be the perfect solution for specific print jobs.

Short-Run Print Jobs

Digital printing is ideal for quantities under 2,000 (short-runs) because at these quantities digital print offers a lower unit cost than offset printing. Unlike an offset printing press that uses printing plates, a digital press does not use plates, which can lower costs for smaller quantity print jobs and accelerate set-up times. As a result, these jobs under 2,000 units have a lower unit cost when produced on a digital press.


Quick Turn Around Time & Print-on-demand

Digital printing reigns supreme in fast delivery. When brochures need to be printed for next week’s trade show or forms with the new letterhead need to be in the office ASAP, digital printing is the answer. The quick set-up time of digital presses allows us to deliver your printed pieces faster than ever before.

Variable Print Data

Variable Print Data allows us to use a digital printing technology to personalize each printed piece with unique information. Most often used for direct mail and addressing, print using variable data is also used to personalize graphics, copy, and even the entire marketing message so it’s more relevant to your target audience.


New Digital Presses Welcomed to the Hudson Family

Traditionally, offset printing has been the gold standard for color control and quality. However, Hudson’s new HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press and HP Indigo W7250 Digital Press provide the only digital printing technology that can equal or exceed the quality of conventional offset lithographic printing.

The HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press is a versatile and robust press, capable of handling nearly any commercial print job on a wide range of paper options. The Indigo 10000 can print up to 20×29”-sized products in quantities from one to many thousands and is a great addition to the Hudson Digital business unit. Common print products include booklets, catalogs, presentation folders, posters, brochures, postcards and business cards – all of which can include variable data print.

Our HP Indigo W7250 Digital Press is unique in Utah and the region, and is the only high-volume digital press that can handle the lightest weight papers. This press serves as a key connector from digital to offset printing for Hudson as customers’ needs grow and scale. This press is ideal for catalogs, booklets, postcards, and direct mail, when customers require printing short-run, high-quality products on thin paper.


We’ve Got This

Don’t worry about if your job will run in Hudson Offset, or Hudson Digital – just know if you need something printed, we can handle it. Your Hudson rep will help navigate our plant to deliver a quality printed piece on-time, with no surprises. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re thrilled with the outcome. From 100’s to 100,000’s of printed pieces – Hudson Printing is the most capable printer to handle your print needs. We’ve got this.