If It Has Ink On It… (first in a series: Things We Won’t Print)

“If it has ink on it, we can help!”

The already rapid pace of innovation and disruption in the world of Print is accelerating. Even with massive movement towards the Democratization of Print, it’s simply not possible for any Printer to print everything their customers could ever need In-House. Just too wide a range of equipment, processes and talents for any organization to do it all.

That might seem to conflict with Hudson Printing’s approach to helping our customers…”If it has ink on it, we can help!”

But we’ve come to realize that often we can help our customers, even when we’re not printing something for them.

Here are three ways we help:
1. We print it here.
Yup, just do it ourselves. We’ve got lots of amazing printing and finishing machines, and all kinds of talented people to make them sing!

2. We work with a friend or trusted partner to get it printed.
We might have a partner do foil stamping, or hard case book binding on something we’ve already printed. Or we might contract with a partner to produce the entire job, but we work with both our customer and our partner to manage the project. Ass our insight and talent when its appropriate, but leverage other people’s gear and capabilities too.

3. We introduce you to a friend or trusted partner.
You see, sometimes we don’t add any value by being in the middle. But we have friends and trusted partners across the entire landscape of print, around the globe. So if we’re not in a position to help, we’ll just make the introduction, and get out of the way.

Here’s one cool example of Things We Won’t Print at Hudson Printing:

Direct Glass Decoration
Apple’s new Campus 2 building is being wrapped in glass panels – some of them up to 10 x 47 feet, including the largest panel of curved glass in the world.

giant glass panels at Apple Campus2 - 60 Minutes - If it has ink on it, we can help

Image (c) 2015 CBS / 60 Minutes


dip_tech1 world's largest glass printer

Image (c) 2015 worldglassinnovations.com

Printed at the Sedak glass factory in Germany, on one of the world’s most amazing printing devices from an Israeli startup named DIP Tech. The glass is being printed as it’s made, so that the color actually becomes embedded into the glass.

Clearly, this is one of the Things We Won’t Print at Hudson Printing.

But, we do know a guy…


ps – Watch for upcoming stories in the series, Things We Won’t Print, from Hudson Printing.


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