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Printing Impressions Innovator of the Year Award for 2022

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Printing Impressions is one of the most respected names in the printing industry, and in 2022, the organization announced six Innovators of the Year. The companies receiving these nominations were identified by experts in the industry and leading consultants as using new tools and technology to increase profitability, customer service, and quality. By mixing new technology with existing systems integrations, the Innovators of the Year drove the printing industry in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023.

Hudson Printing is honored to have been selected as a 2022 Innovator of the Year. There are a number of reasons why Hudson Printing was selected to receive this award, and one of the major reasons is its investment in two Landa S10P Nanographic perfecting presses. 

But, according to CEO Paul Hudson, “it isn’t about the technology on its own. Instead, it is about how companies use this technology, combine it with industry expertise, and use all of these resources to achieve one common goal.”

Now, Hudson Printing is able to use its Landa S10P Nanographic to better meet the rising demands of customers. Using seven-color work, nano ink, and dry transfer, Hudson Printing has been able to expand its applications to better meet the diverse needs of its customers and clients. 

With access to award winning print manufacturing, which includes magazine publishing and book publishing, Hudson Printing has set an example for entrepreneurs, innovators, and young professionals that innovation can be used to drive the industry forward. All of this has been perfectly exemplified by the exceptional standard set by Hudson Printing’s direct mail printing and fulfillment and its unwavering dedication to the needs of its clients.

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