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Less than 5% of all U.S. printers are certified G7 Master Printers – Hudson is one. We’re known for our high-volume publication offset printing – our ability to create high-quality long-run catalogs and books is unmatched. Demand for short-run print jobs, faster delivery, and variable data has lead to the creation of Hudson Digital. In 2017,  we brought in $10 million of additional offset and digital presses to further bolster Hudson’s position as the market leader.

Hudson Offset

Hudson Digital

This house was built on offset printing. Over 100+ years, Hudson used offset presses to deliver high-quality booklets, catalogs and magazines in quantities from 2,000 to hundreds of thousands of pieces. Today our Salt Lake City plant is the clear market leader in both size and capability.

Customer demand for a broader range of printed products, and at quantities under 2,000 (short-run) led us to digital printing. Hudson Digital helps meet customer needs for smaller print jobs, faster delivery times, and variable print data.

You know Hudson for Offset - You should know Hudson for Digital

To continue to meet the diverse needs of our customers, Hudson Printing created two business units:

Hudson Offset     —     Hudson Digital

Quality, On-time Delivery, and World-class Customer Service will continue to be a part of Hudson Printing as we grow.

Work with Hudson Printing

Hudson Printing is ready to work with you to take your idea and turn it into a beautiful printed piece. Don’t worry about if your job will run in Hudson Offset, or Hudson Digital – just know if you need something printed, we can handle it. Your Hudson rep will help navigate our plant to deliver a quality printed piece on-time, with no surprises. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re thrilled with the outcome. From hundreds of printed pieces, to hundreds of thousands of pieces – Hudson Printing is the most capable printer to handle your print needs. We’d be honored to work with you.

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