Don’t Solve THAT Problem

Whatever you’re working on, chances are someone’s already done that. Solved That Problem.

No, not your Mission. Not your big goal. And not your life’s purpose.

But that treacherous little task or thing that’s been sapping your energy and rotting your brain.

That One Thing you can’t seem to crack, and without which you can’t move forward. That piece of understanding or knowledge or technology or material that you’ve just gotta have or you’re going to die (or get fired, or go broke!).

That thing you think – or thought – should be so easy. Knock it out in an hour, or a week – or next year for sure! Nooo problem…

Version 2

But that’s exactly what it’s become. A problem.

That Problem!

Got a picture? Do you know what yours is? (we’ve All got one – or ten)

Ok then, IMAGINE, just for a moment, that Someone Has Beaten You To IT. Been there. Done that.

Already Solved IT.

Written IT. Built IT. Or engineered or photographed or detonated IT.


Don’t be. Because if that’s true, then you don’t need to solve IT anymore.

You just need find the person who Already Has. And when you do, you may be surprised to discover that they never dreamed of doing with IT, what you have in mind. They were likely headed someplace else, with other plans – or none.

Or, you might find that they would love to give IT to you. Or share, or collaborate, or license, or sell you whatever IT is that they created.

That’s the way people are (and even some Printers ; ). We love to create. And to collaborate – to work together. We love to share what we’ve created. And we crave appreciation – genuine, heartfelt gratitude.

So, imagine that someOne has already solved IT… Solved THAT PROBLEM…

Where would you go looking for That Person?

And remember, finding that person is a very different problem than the one you thought you were working on.


ps – even if I’m wrong, and no one has yet solved IT, seeking that person might lead you to an interesting new friend!

– HT Seth: The curious imperative