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Over 100 Years and Going Strong

From our founding, and through four ownership changes, Hudson Printing has been successful over the long haul by responding rapidly to customer needs and consistently providing a quality product and exceptional service.

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1909 – 1950

Founded in 1909 as Stevens & Wallis, we were originally a book publisher and printer. Later the founders added advertising and marketing services, and through the 1940’s Stevens & Wallis flourished as one of the most interesting Printers in the western United States. Ad industry luminary David W. Evans worked for Stevens & Wallis from 1919 until he found Evans Advertising in 1943.


1950 – 1972

Vaughn Young bought the company about 1950, and shortly afterward he hired Blaine Hudson. For more than a decade, VO Young company grew a successful business by providing commercial and book printing for local businesses.


1972 – 1989

When Vaughn Young moved his family to California, about 1972, he sold the business to Blaine Hudson. Blaine’s grew the business in a new direction, becoming the first company in the western states to install a web-fed offset printing press. Blaine and his team grew the business rapidly, and added additional web presses, including the first heatset web press in the region.


1989 –

When Blaine Hudson retired, he sold the company to his son Mark who had spent many years working in the business. Mark grew the business significantly, adding additional web press capacity to serve the growing demand. A few years later, Mark hired his brother Paul, who eventually became a partner in the business. In 2012, Mark Hudson retired, and sold his interest in the business to Paul Hudson, who is the CEO and owner of Hudson Printing.