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Don’t Solve THAT Problem

Whatever you’re working on, chances are someone’s already done that. Solved That Problem. No, not your Mission. Not your big goal. And not your life’s purpose. But that treacherous little task or thing that’s been sapping your energy and rotting your brain. That One Thing you can’t seem to crack, and without which you can’t […]

When is a Package Not a PACKAGE? – beyond Sustainable Packaging

Brand Owners… What if you could eliminate the package that your product is sold in, and still sell successfully? On a retail shelf? Would that be interesting? This approach could be the ultimate in Sustainable Packaging. These amazingly imagined and engineered creations by Aaron Mickelson should inspire ever the most bored and jaded of marketers, designers – and […]

The Coffee Advertising Network

An Israeli startup has a whole new take on one of the most loved beverages on the planet. With their Ripple Maker, the folks at SteamCC are working to Reinvent Print using coffee as both substrate and ink. Their Ripple Maker can print almost any message or image in foam atop a cup of coffee. In […]

Translucently Symbiotic – the case for Integrated Print

Integrated Print is a myth. There are two worlds of Print that are all but invisible to each other. Worlds where core principles and tools and processes are shared. Where the desired outcomes – the reasons Why to Print – are often the same. Worlds where the content, messaging and design may be identical.And often, the customers for […]

CRITICAL FORMS – Are Paper Business Forms Still Relevant?

Over the past couple of decades, paper business forms have almost disappeared from business. Most signatures today are captured on a pad, or with a PIN. Contracts and business agreements are more likely to be PDF’s than paper. Checks have largely been replaced by cards, chips and electronic transfers. In many cases, only mission critical forms […]

What Were You Trying To Do? (Solving the right problem)

My grandfather and my younger brother were both Master Mechanics – and masters at Problem Solving. I mostly missed out on knowing my Grandpa, but I learned much from Lee. I too have the mechanic’s itch, but lack the experience, skill and talent of a Master. So when I’d tear into my car or bike, […]

One Glimpse Proves Print is Alive

Last Saturday afternoon my wife and I visited the Marriott Library at the University of Utah to see a small exhibit titled, Glimpse. It’s a showcase of the coolest works of the students and instructors in Utah’s Book Arts Program. And for a print geek like me it was a genuine thrill! Proof that print […]

Loyalty, Stability and Disruptive Change

This week marked the end of an era for Hudson Printing. After 44 years of service, a kind, wonderful, loyal Printer and friend retired yesterday. Randy Elliott will be deeply missed. It was a disruptive change for Randy and for the company. In 1979, Hudson printing installed our first heatset web press – a Harris M-110. […]

Why Data Driven Print?

The most universal advantage of Digital Print over Analog Print (offset, flexo, screen, etc.) is it’s ability to be driven by data. While Digital Print has many other advantages, this one distinction – Data Driven Print – opens amazing new doors of possibility. The most fundamental of these is the ability to create different versions of […]

Hudson Printing Partners with Systym for marketing experience design

Hudson Printing has partnered with Systym, a young marketing experience design firm.  Systym helps businesses learn more about their target audience and how individual buyer types move through a particular customer experience. This deep and valuable insight about customer experience is then used to develop audience-specific and market-specific messaging, and rich content marketing plans.  The Systym process […]