Full Force - What influences B2B purchasing decisions?

What Really Influences B2B Purchasing Decisions?

Many marketers are unaware of how long the typical technology purchasing process takes. More than 40% of sales cycles last longer than a year, per a LinkedIn B2B technology buying survey. Page 7 in our May 2022 issue of Milkshake focuses on what really influences B2B purchasing decisions.

You must regularly and continuously drive and maintain the attention of your clients throughout the purchase experience if you want to attract and keep new business in today’s market. More education and more technology to track time and delivery are the two key aspects that will ultimately affect the buying and sales cycle.

B2B buyers desire the creativity and adaptability that competitor companies provide. However, they also look for the dependability that comes from doing business with reputable and knowledgeable vendors.

According to Bill Mitchell, president of MLT Creative “a B2B marketer must create an opportunity for a potential buyer to ‘sell themselves’”.  

Mitchell also mentioned that  B2B buying decisions aren’t made on impulse but instead are based on business. He added that he often tests a new solution on behalf of his business and its clients and he discovered that it’s all about multiple touch points and the various stages of awareness, consideration, comparison and decision. 

B2B purchasing decisions are influenced by service, pricing, service before and after sale and so much more. For more tips and information on what influences B2B purchasing decisions, subscribe to our magazine so you can always be in the loop!