Spark an Adventure

Spark an Adventure

featuring our brand new Spark booklets

Now is an exciting time to be a part of the Hudson Printing family. At our recent open house on May 5, 2022, we introduced Spark +.  It’s how our new investments reconcile color.  We proudly call this “Color Re-imagined.”  

We’re excited to show you just what Spark+ is capable of doing with images.

Using the Spark booklet we intend to take you on a journey.  An unforgettable adventure.

Hudson Printing is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.This location is filled with mountains and deserts to our south. It’s refreshing here, and we love it. It’s a beautiful setting for adventures.  The vibrant colors, unusual structures, dramatic contrasts, and ever-changing landscape of the Utah environment are ideal for illustrating the state of our printing craft, which is always evolving.

At Hudson Printing, we’re well known for our excellent 4-color printing.  We call the special expertise applied to the printing process SPARK.  We take the utmost care in each process step to ensure every element of your design prints in the brightest, most accurate, and most vibrant way you can possibly imagine.

Recently, we invested in new technology that broadens horizons and opens doors for even more possibilities.  Our new Landa Nanographic Printing Press takes color reproduction to an entirely new level.  This 7-color press creates an even more dramatic expression of your most colorful designs, we call it Spark+.  We are thrilled for you to experience this new printing venture with us!

In the pages of the Spark booklet you will see beautiful, rich, sharp images of the Utah landscape captured by award-winning local photographer Howie Garber utilizing both the SPARK and SPARK+ printing methods.  We’ve laid them out side-by-side for your easy comparison. 

Here’s to new experiences in color! We know you’ll enjoy this eco-friendly adventure on paper and thank you for your part in our journey!