The Lesson Found in Acting Like a Media Company in Today’s World

Businesses that want to position themselves for success in the modern era need to act like media companies. In the early 2000s, the owner of a Michelin-star restaurant, Bart Van Olphen, quit his job when he realized how poorly the fish he served were being treated. He started a new company dedicated to sustainable fishing, and a blog was central to his efforts.

Companies can learn from his story. Open, honest, and transparent storytelling can help businesses build trust with their consumers in the current environment.

According to Debbie Qaqish, the Chief Strategy Officer at The Pedowtiz Group, β€œThe content is the spoken language for building relationships, more brands should act like media companies.”

Many businesses have lost sight of the fact that they cannot build customer loyalty if their customers do not trust them. The main goal of content is to build trust with a prospective audience. Media companies are experts at telling stories, exuding authenticity, and providing their audiences with a message that resonates with them.

Businesses that take this message to heart will position themselves well for the future. Learn more about the importance of acting like a media company in this December 2021 edition of Milkshake by Hudson Printing.