Toppan Printing Visits Hudson Printing

Toppan group 1062

We at had the pleasure of hosting a visit by four executives from Toppan Printing recently – one of the largest, most innovative printers on the planet.

Our guests were introduced to Hudson by our friend Mark Parkinson, and were most curious to see our HP T350 Pagewide inkjet web press – one of only a handful in the world. This was really fun – and humbling – for us, because we greatly admire Toppan for being of the leaders of the Digital Printing revolution, and as one of the most aggressively innovative printers everywhere. It was an honor to show them one of the little corners of Print innovation that Hudson Printing is exploring.

While they were here, they introduced us the Printing Museum Tokyo, with the gift of a very cool video. It looks like an amazing place. You can get a glimpse here:



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