When is a Package Not a PACKAGE? – beyond Sustainable Packaging

Brand Owners… What if you could eliminate the package that your product is sold in, and still sell successfully? On a retail shelf? Would that be interesting? This approach could be the ultimate in Sustainable Packaging.

These amazingly imagined and engineered creations by Aaron Mickelson should inspire ever the most bored and jaded of marketers, designers – and Printers! Mickelson has pushed the boundaries and limitations of packaging so far that in some cases they’ve disappeared completely.

Mickelson’s focus on the essence of Why a package exists, gives him an uncanny ability to disrupt conventional notions and accepted constraints, and create truly breakthrough approaches to branding, that are ultra-sustainable.

PopContainers - Aaron Mickelson

For example, labels always have to be printed on Something… some kind of adhesive substrate, or something similar. Then, after a product is purchased, they are either discarded, creating waste or left attached, contributing to clutter and ugliness. (think “Intel Inside” stickers on laptop keyboards : )

But what if there was another way. What if the label WAS the product?

Hard to imagine? Then scroll through these designs, and be surprised!

Then pause a moment to think about this:
Mikelson created these in 2013, as a STUDENT at Pratt Institute. For three years now he’s been out working in the real world to Reinvent Packaging – today he’s at Jansy Packaging, stirring things up.

It will be fun to watch his career! And I look forward to meeting Aaron one day!

Given a chance, what sustainable packaging challenge would you ask Mickelson to solve?