Customers trust Hudson to deliver superior print on-time

Consider the following scenario: You and your team have spent weeks or months crafting a piece of collateral that’s essential to your company’s operations. The writing is sharp, the images are carefully selected, and the design is spot-on. Next comes the task of handing over your project to a printer who you hope will take the same care and attention to detail to bring your project to life.

When selecting a commercial printer, it’s easy to be dazzled by the names and sizes of the presses, how fast they run, options of substrates and even various metrics on quality. While you want to make sure the printer you are dealing with has the capabilities to handle your print job, the most important factor when choosing a printer isn’t the “speeds and feeds” of the machinery, but whether or not you trust the people behind the presses.

TRUST is an essential element for selecting a printer. This means you must trust people that control the outcome of your printed piece – at every step along the way. A printer needs to ensure color is spot-on, pages are perfectly-cut, folds and binding is precise. All of this trust leads to your peace-of-mind that quality printed pieces are heading out on the delivery truck on-time.

Recent feedback has uncovered what’s most important to Hudson customers – some of whom have been with us for five, ten, and some more than 20 years. Through a variety of ways, customers told us that trust is core to why they do business with Hudson Printing. After more than a century in business, we have developed a reputation of trust. This is core to who Hudson is – it’s engrained into our culture – and translates to our promise to customers:

Trust Hudson to deliver superior printed work on-time.

This promise guides our decision-making at every step.

Trust is essential to our success – it all starts and ends with our people.

We understand that to be a successful printer, we need to focus on people. Beyond culture, Hudson is investing into our people with LEAN and 5S training, where throughout our plant, you’ll see Always Better reminders. We empower every employee to stop any job, at any time, if it’s not meeting our quality standards or customer expectations.

Now here’s where the speeds and feeds kick in. Having committed & knowledgable employees isn’t worth much without the machinery and technology to back them up. Since mid-2016, Hudson has added $10 million worth of new presses, sheeters, coaters, and other equipment.

By instilling a culture of excellence and responsibility, backed by the region’s largest and most capable printing plant, our customers can rest easy knowing we’ll get the job done right, on-time, and with no surprises. Trust Hudson Printing with your book, magazine, catalogue or your brochures, marketing 1-pagers, direct

mail and even business cards. We value the reputation of being one of the most trusted printers in North America – and we take this responsibility seriously. We
know you are trusting us to deliver your vision and create a lasting printed piece you’ll be proud of. While a lot has changed in the 100 years since Hudson Printing was founded, our focus on our people and our craftsmanship has endured – and that’s a commitment you can trust.